Prayer Gardeners

As the Apostle Paul wrote:
“What is important is faith expressing itself as love.” (Galatians 5:6)

Tom Clarke Thomas B. Clarke
Landscape Gardener and Author

My Ministry

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I created the business named Prayer Gardeners because I began developing the Gethsemane Prayer Garden in Syracuse, New York in 2004. In 2014 I retired from that prayer garden so as to focus my attention exclusively to writing and self-publishing efforts.

I started authoring and publishing Christian books in 2008. Publishing under the name Bible Discernments, writing has increasingly become a source of joy since I retired from full-time employment.

A Garden of Love A Garden of Love
An endearing gift book for Christian women. By interweaving a depiction of thirty beautiful flowers, colorful photographs, and encouraging Scriptures, this book attempts to illustrate how flowers can inspire a Scriptural application of love. Many women have greatly enjoyed this delightful symbolic devotional.

A Topical Treasury of Proverbs A Topical Treasury of Proverbs
Need help finding your way around Proverbs? From Anger to Zeal, each verse of the Book of Proverbs is classified into several topics. By looking at any one of the one hundred topics, you see the highlighted word or words within each verse that impacted the reason for selecting each verse. With this approach, you can easily read all verses about a topic, meditate on them, and let the Lord minister to you.

Joshua's Spiritual Warfare Joshua’s Spiritual Warfare – Understanding the Chiasms of Joshua
See the Book of Joshua from a whole new perspective. Using the chiastic (ky’-as-tic) approach (see What is a Chiasm? if you are not familiar with that term), you will see the Lord emphasizing passages that would often be overlooked for their full meaning.